We need your help

Spooner's Railroad Park is an incredible asset to the City of Spooner.

We hope that you'll join us and donate to the project to see it come to fruition. It will take years of hard work, but in the long run, it will be beyond worth the work. We hope that this becomes a place for community members and visitors to spend time and appreciate the rich railroad history of our area.

Our tax ID # is:  86-2632575


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Fundraising Priority List

Repair/Preserve 6 Areas of Exterior Roundhouse Brickwork

Historical/Pavilion & Park Use Signs


ATV Path

Walkway Path from Parking Lot to Pavilion

Portable Toilets

Landscaping Materials (Seed/Flowers/Planter Boxes)

Turntable Fence



Phase 1

Marketing Materials

Finalize Rendering of Park Layout

Fundraising Packet


Online Donation Set Up


Historical Designation

In Progress

Phase 2


Grass Seed

Planter Boxes


Tree Planning

Historical Sign Installation

Archway Planning

Benches & Bricks

Plaza Planning/Quotes

Parking Lot Walkway

Parking Lot

Volleyball Courts

Turntable Fence

Turntable Clean-up &


Divider Fences/Murals


Splash Pad

Band Shell/Stage

Post Office Building Removal

ATV Path

Up Next

Phase 3

Repair/Secure 6 Areas

Exterior Roundhouse Brickwork

Roundhouse Spot Tuck-Pointing/Exterior Cleaning

Interior Roundhouse Restoration

Roundhouse Security System

Thank you, Donors

Thompson Family

George A. & Pam McLellan Petry III

Spooner Business Improvement District

Class of 1966-Elkhorn Trailhead LLC

Spooner/Trego Lions Club

Stresau Laboratory, Inc.

Joe & Judy Powers Family & Families of Beniamino Lombard, Isaac M. Lager, Herbert J. Powers, Richard E. Powers

Spooner Health

Gary & Judy Cuskey

LP Building Solutions

Cindy and Thom Gerst

Ken Staves, In Honor and Memory of Sue Staves

Bob and Judy Gillette, Stone Lake, WI

George J. Petry, Jr.

Terri Reiter & Fred Kosmach

Staves Family

Patricia J Swan in memory and honor of Paul "Edward" Wetzel

Schmitz's Economart

Scott & Jenny Corbin

Johnson Financial Group

Drew and Laura Lake (2nd conductor donation given 12/20/2022!)

Katherine Berndt

Gene M. Thompson Trust

Top of WI Properties

AARP Wisconsin “Small Dollar, Big Impact” Grant

Jerry & Debbie Thompson, Benson-Thompson, Inc. in memory of Dick Gilberg: Roadmaster

Jan Masterjohn in memory of: Ralph Masterjohn, Joe Masterjohn, The Nick Masterjohn Family, and David Masterjohn

Delores Donovan: Thomas F. Donovan, Mayor of Spooner, WI 1972-1980

The Churchill Family

JoAnn Perro

Spooner Liquor Store-Margie Costello

Perlick Distillery, LLC

John A. & Darlene E. Buchman (2nd conductor donation given 12/20/2022!) 

Spooner High School Class of 1964

Shirley Knutson: Conductor George Olson Jr., April 1932-August 1980

Jerry/Pat Perkins & Family : "PERK", Jared A. Perkins, Engineer, Steam/Diesel, 1926-1972

David & Lynne Mills: Gordon B. Mills, Chief Train Dispatcher C&NW, EauClaire, 1930-1957

Karlye Canfield

David Aardappel

George & Dorothy Dumontier

Robert & Wendy Elliott

George L. Petry, Sr.

Terri Lynn Sabby

Gene Wisner

The Menkol Family (multiple donations!)

Spooner Funeral Home

Pat Kytola

Connie Salquist Memorial in Memory of Del Salquist

Thrivent Choice Dollars Grant Fund: Terri Reiter & Fred Kosmach

Anonymous Donation

United Way Committee, Nexen Group, Inc.

Tim Reedy and Family

Connie Salquist In Memory of Del Salquist

Shell Lake State Bank

Lynne Bishop and Bill Ficken

Sacco Group-Vic Sacco-Edina Realty

Perlick Distillery, LLC

Northwest Wisconsin Chapter of Whitetails Unlimited

Anonymous Local Business Donation

CCF Bank

Christopher R. Barke

Ed and Akemi Fischer

Brad Patchin

JoAnn Jordan in Memory of Matt & Evelyn Reiter

Vicki Shaffer: Edward Jones Investments

Jack Pine Savage Days

Round Man Brewing Company

The Dock Coffee

Don and Nancy Shaner

Lakes & Trails Marine & Small Engine In Memory of Dave Freeman & Del Salquist

Spooner Garden Club

Larry & Diane Neste

Brede Family

Barron Electric Cooperative

Gaye & Sarah Stariha In Memory of Jerry Stariha

Craig Mellin: Wishing You Were Here

Brandon & Jacklyn Lemke

Northwind Book & Fiber

Anne Scalzo Felton: In Memory of Rand and Scalzo Family Railroad Workers

Lawton & Lawton, S.C.

Rose (Lewis) Eddy: In Honor of Grandfather Hiram W. Brooks (Spooner Railroad Telegrapher

Stephanie Masterjohn: In Memory of the Masterjohns

D. B. & Mamie, Vince & Elsy

Ron & Cheri Parr: Michael Parr

Barb Hovey: John & Eddie Hovey

Jerry & Pat Perkins Family

Chuck Gagnon: Charles H. Kingston, Boilermaker

Churchill Family: Strongman Smokehouse

Laurie Ahlin

Bill & Joey Marx

Ernest R. Moll, Jr. & Lois B. Moll

James Lindberg donated twice! Most current: 11/29/2022

Martin Fair

Chuck Okonek & Beverly Stencel in memory & honor of Del Salquist

Amy Costello in memory of Del Salquist

Joseph & Marianna Menko-2019 & 2020

Anonymous In Memory of Uncle Del

Charles & Peggy Ann Busch in memory of Del Salquist

Gary and Terri Steinke in memory of Del Salquist

The Chocolate Studio/Tamara Andrews-Herskovic and Family

Thrivent Choice Dollars Grant Fund: Terri Reiter & Fred Kosmach

Chris Bruce

Bruce and Kathleen Laird

Michael T. & Mary Jo Mishou

Jim & Susie Schmitz: In Memory of Bob Giles

Scott Spoolman: In Honor of Uncle Gene Harmon

Carol J Hovey: In Memory of John Hovey

Michael J Emerson: In Memory of John Hovey

Robert & Raina Pfundheller: In Honor of John Hovey

Cheryl & Jack Starr: In Memory of John Hovey

Wallace (Wally) Koel

Carol Hovey

Michael & Mabi Plisky; 1000 Model Railroader magazines

Ken Staves, Brad Patchin, Del Salquist; hours of time, resources, and construction on the Spooner Scale: Del Salquist Memorial Weigh Station; picnic table restoration; built the railway barrior between parking lot and Pavilion

Railroad Memories Museum, Tim Belter; Del Salquist memorial sign

Del Salquist; posts for Roundhouse Historic sign

Greg Vreeland; picnic tables and many railroad ties and rail products for the Park 

AJ Salquist; Del's railroad ties to the Park for use in landscaping

Julie Hustvet in honor & memory of Kenneth Hustvet

Fred Kosmach & Ken Staves for resources and hours spent on staining the pavilion, especially Ken!

The City crew under David Olson; various projects at the Park

Terri Reiter and Fred Kosmach; grass seed, stain

Terri Reiter; project managment in planning and the construction of the pavilion and benches

Mike Macone; paid for basalt on ATV Access 

Lee Nelson; volunteered his and his employee's labor and time to install volleyball courts

Allen Jones-Traditional Artisans; donated additional work items completed at no cost to FORRP

Terri Reiter and Fred Kosmach; 2 loads of washed sand

Northland Paint Supply: deep discount on paint and stain for the Roundhouse

Army National Guard Staff Sgt. David Daley troops from Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP) cleared/cleaned the historic turntable pit of debris, trash, brush and trees

Wisconsin Lumberjacks painted/stained and refreshed the historic roundhouse

Jon Alesch: lunch for the Lumberjack volunteers

North 40 Steel: donated half the cost of powder coating of the "Donation Honor Wall", Engineer Level

North of Eight Design & Marketing: donated work product at Engineer Level